Our long-standing experience in catering to international publishers has led to the development of quality systems that deliver robust and reliable output routinely. The systems ensure that each and every employee is committed to meeting and exceeding client objectives.

We have achieved noteworthy landmarks in quality with our world-class system conforming to ISO 9001-2000 standards. Every single batch of data must be certified as per the required customer standard, prior to delivery to a client. Ace has established an impeccable record and is known for ensuring that no defective data ever reaches the client.

Ace’s Quality personnel work independently of the production team. They report directly to their respective group head, thereby enabling freedom from production pressures. Our Quality Systems include: Intermediate Audit and Final Audit.

Intermediate Audit

Intermediate Audit at Ace is done to ensure the quality of the data while in production and hence to ensure the correctness during each successive stage of production.

Final Audit

Quality Verification is done through Audit of Final Deliverable Data. It is done to ensure the quality of the data as per the commitment to customers. We select the data samples to check the data structurally and ensure that no defective data ever reaches client.