Publishing Services



Our versatile design team leverages the latest technologies and design paradigms to create output that is fresh, accessible, and context-appropriate. Our design expertise extends across a wide variety of print and digital media and we work closely with our clients to identify specific needs and preferences for creating high-quality media.

A sample of our design work is presented below; please visit our showcase for more.



Ace has an experienced team of skilled compositors who specialize in digital typesetting and in the composition of books, magazines, newspapers, journals, and catalogs. We typeset work involving a wide range of complexity and can handle content in a variety of platforms, including Adobe InDesign and 3B2.

We are adept at customizing our production processes, for both XML and non-XML workflows, to cater to a wide variety of input material (MS Word, LaTeX, MathML, XML, Hardcopy, etc), and for efficiently producing multiple output formats from a single source.



We offer world-class copyediting & indexing services to ensure that the content is accurate, consistent, and accessible. We can customize our process to conform to the industry standard, the publisher’s specification, or the author’s preference, while still ensuring the highest levels of quality and thoroughness.

Our team has experience in dealing with a variety of styles, specifications, and subject areas.



Our eagle-eyed proofreaders will ensure that no error or inconsistency remains in the final content. They will scrutinize the work for both language accuracy, and for adherence to the intended style.

We provide clients Quick, responsive, communication with the author will ensure the utmost fidelity in our output.

Rights and Permission

Rights & Permissions

Ace has a team of experienced researchers who can identify and address potential permission issues.

We will keep track of all relevant permissions and rights expenses and outlays to ensure that your project stays within budget. Wherever possible, we will suggest public domain and royalty-free sources, but if needed, we will also negotiate the best rates with copyright holders on your behalf.

Project Management

Project Management

Ace has the management and publishing expertise to handle your projects in totality. We are a full-service company capable of handling books, journals, newspapers and catalogs. Our Project Managers are experienced professionals with an excellent track record of delivering content on time and on budget.

Our Project management services include:

  • Managing the full project, from receipt of author manuscript or publisher notes, to dispatch of final output in the desired format.
  • Preparing and sharing of the work schedule to provide regular delivery updates and production transparency.
  • Coordinating with everyone involved in the project including authors, editors, publisher, and any external vendors.
  • Prompt acknowledgement and resolution of client queries.
  • Doing all that is necessary to achieve publisher deadlines.