Conversion Services


ePub 3 & KF8

ePub3 is a popular open standard format for digital publications, and is widely support across all platforms.

ePub3 has four major feature clusters:

  • Styling and Layout enhancements
  • Global language support
  • Rich language support
  • Accessibility features

Ace is equipped to leverage the cutting-edge ePUB3 platform, and its great new features:

  • Rich content (audio, video, media overlays, animations)
  • Complex, subject-specific content (MathML, advanced textbooks)
  • Enhanced eBook functionality (semantic inflection, content switching, smart navigation, triggers, JavaScript content)
  • Improved standards for handling metadata
KF8 (Kindle Fire)

Kindle Fire 8 is Amazon’s flexible new format that supports HTML5 features. It is ideal for exploiting Amazon and Kindle’s vast reader base.

Ace can provide quick and efficient ePUB3 conversion services for multimedia books, as also propose new solutions for enhancing content generated on older platforms.

We have experience handling content for a variety of devices, including the Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Sony PRS, etc. In addition to ePUB, we can handle KF8, iBooks Author, and other popular platforms.


Interactive eBooks

Ace has experience in creating engaging interactive eBooks targeted at children, as well as enhanced eBooks that cater to the higher education market. The learning experience for all age brackets can be enhanced through 2D/3D graphics and animations, quizzes, games, and interactive exercises. Leveraging this format in an effective manner can yield remarkable results!


Mobi, PRC, Web-PDF

The Mobipocket eBook format is another open standard for eBook Publishing. Although now owned by Amazon, it continues to be cross-platform.

Mobi can handle for complex content, includes advanced navigation controls, supports indexing and features a high degree of compression, which permits smaller file sizes.

The most popular eBook format today is actually PDF, or the Portable Document Format. It’s a universal format that is supported across most platforms, which is also the reason behind its popularity.

Ace offers Mobi, PRC, and web-PDF conversion services to make your content available on the Amazon Kindle, and other web-based reading platforms.

Our flexible conversion process allows us to accept PDF, Word, InDesign, hard copies, scanned images, and a variety of other input formats. Our world-class productivity and attention to detail ensures that the output is consistent across all formats, and that the conversion is affordable and efficient.



The advantage of HTML5 is that it allows retaining the full functionality of the newest eBook formats, but is flexible enough to be viewed on a very wide range of platforms, devices, and browsers, thus enhancing your reach and penetration in the target market.

With HTML5 we can convert your hard copy (paper) or soft copy (electronic) input files to your preferred formats, as well as provide data analysis, document structure determination, and DTD analysis & development.

  • Conversion output forms like XML, HTML, Adobe PDF, etc…
  • Analyze data and DTD design
  • XML/XHTML consulting services
  • Correction, Proofreading for 100% conversion accuracy.

With effective HTML5 conversion and content innovation, Ace can enable you to create fresh, responsive content, and seamlessly release it across all outlets simultaneously, thus allowing you to capitalize on reader anticipation. We understand that meeting deadlines is often a prime criterion in data processing.



XML is designed to publish documents programmatically, where a developer or a designer writes stylesheets that control the layout and navigation. Although the digital publishing market and technologies evolve quickly, XML still remains immensely useful as the standard format that multiple conversion workflows tend to rely on.

Ace is able to leverage the power of XML to achieve efficient conversion and achieve streamlined simultaneous output in multiple formats for the same content. Our XML-based conversion services include:

  • XML conversion from any input source (MS Word, LaTeX, application files, hardcopy)
  • Any input (Word files, application files, PDFs, hardcopy, XML/SGML etc.) to any desired output (XML, .mobi, .prc, .azw, etc)
  • Data capture through OCR and keyboarding with 99.995% accuracy

XHTML or Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language is a family of Extensible Markup Languages (XML) that mirror or extend versions of the widely used Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the language in which web pages are written.

Benefits of availing professional XHTML conversion Services:

  • Saves Time, Money and Effort
  • W3C validity and Professional look
  • Optimized mark-ups and cross browser websites.
  • Increase the efficiency and flexibility.

Document Conversion

Document Conversion

With web-based publishing growing in prominence, XML continues to be key. Key features of XML are data exchange and data integration, and some of the benefits of an XML-based workflow are:

  • Support for multipage documents
  • Work with documents of any size
  • Ease of use
  • Flexible configuration

Ace supports all variants of xml-based conversion workflows like HTML to XML, PDF to XML, Word to XML, XHTML to XML and many more. We also support a wide variety of non-XML based workflows.

Our flexible workflows and processes can handle high volumes efficiently and we can customize our processes to the needs of the client. We deliver the highest quality and reliability through a high level of automation, and a tried-and-tested quality assurance process.


DTD Development

A document type definition (DTD) is a set of markup declarations that define a document type for an SGML-family markup language (SGML, XML, HTML).

DTD allows the creation of numerous documents while ensuring that the information contained in them will be comparable. A Document Type Declaration (DOCTYPE) is an instruction that associates a particular SGML or XML document with a specific DTD.

DTD documents are high-level documents, designed to be parsed by user agents.

Ace offers a variety of standard DTD development services. We have extensive experience in working with and modifying popular public DTD’s such as those defined by:

  • The National Library of Medicine
  • Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)
  • Network Development and MARC Standards Office, National Library of Congress, USA
  • IEEE Journals and Transactions & Reference

In addition, we have developed customized DTDs for these and other industries:

  • Publishers
  • University Presses
  • Public & Private Libraries
  • Automobile Sector

We deliver the highest quality and reliability through a high level of automation, and a tried-and-tested quality assurance process.


Stylesheet Development

Stylesheet Development a form of separation of content in which the style is defined in an external file using a language such as CSS or XSLT. Some benefits of this style of development are:

  • It’s bandwidth friendly
  • Reduces design and development time
  • Reduces updating and maintenance time
  • Enables us to create a more semantic web and develop more future compliant coding
  • Increases accessibility

Workflow Design

Consulting & Workflow Design

Want something converted, but don’t know where to begin? Well, Ace can help. With our vast experience in handling complex conversion tasks, we can analyze your situation and help you design new technological solutions as well as more efficient workflows, so that you are best able to manage and showcase your content. Our responsive managers are ready to to consult with you via teleconferencing, or on-site visits!